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'Metal Gear Solid' Remake Rumours Intensify As Voice Actor Teases Reunion

'Metal Gear Solid' Remake Rumours Intensify As Voice Actor Teases Reunion

The voice of Solid Snake and Sniper Wolf are coming together for a very special panel.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Sometimes making a game once isn't enough, you know? Sometimes people need to make a game twice just to revel in how good the stories, world, or characters were. As consoles and tech have advanced in games, less and less current-gen players are able to experience the beginnings of some of the largest gaming franchises like Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, or in this case, Metal Gear Solid. Which is why many fans are predicting that a Metal Gear Solid remake could be just around the corner.

A remake is by no means certain, but fans are crossing their fingers that that's what could be announced at the highly anticipated reunion of some of the game's voice actors. As has reported, a panel bringing together at least two of the big names from Metal Gear Solid will be taking place, although exact details have not been released yet.

Tasia Valenza, the voice of Sniper Wolf (as well as the voice of Poison Ivy in almost every DC game the character has appeared in in recent memory) and David Hayter the voice of Solid Snake (as well as a writer on films like X-Men and Watchmen) are the two big names appearing on the panel for certain. And these two tweeting about the event along with the panel bringing the names back together feels, to fans, like an excellent opportunity for the series to be rebooted.

We mean come on, David Hayter even saying the word 'rumor' doesn't help, as a remake is the biggest question on Metal Gear fans minds. Capcom has made the big push to remake old Resident Evil games which has undoubtedly done fantastically for them, so why can't Konami do the same?

What we all have to do now, is wait for the panel to take place. Everyone hopes that it's not just a conversation about the past successes of Metal Gear Solid, but also about the future of the series after Hideo Kojima left Konami in 2015. Just keep those fingers crossed, we have to see Solid Snake again someday right... right?

Featured Image Credit: David Hayter, Konami

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