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Massive 'GTA 6' Leak Contains Some Of The Wildest Rumours Yet

Massive 'GTA 6' Leak Contains Some Of The Wildest Rumours Yet

Salt at the ready.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A wealth of alleged new details on Grand Theft Auto VI started doing the rounds earlier this week, following a now-deleted AMA with a leaker who claimed to be familiar with development of the upcoming game.

Reddit user meetsejpal has compiled the biggest claims from the AMA session, but do remember they should be treated as just that for now - claims. As with all GTA VI rumours, it's worth noting that Rockstar is an incredibly secretive studio that guards its secrets well. We're touching on these "leaks" because they line up with some of the other reports we've heard, but keep in mind that we're headed into heavy rumour territory.

You can see the entire compilation of rumours here, but the biggest claims are below.

Firstly, it's claimed that GTA VI will release in October 2023 and follow a story structure similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, by which I mean it'll be broken up into multiple chapters. It's also suggested that the first two chapters will kick things off in the late 1970s in a version of Miami/Florida before moving through to modern day.

This would, of course, involve putting together two similar but utterly disparate open worlds filled with distinct radio stations vehicles, and weapons to reflect the two periods. I'm sceptical, though they also claim the map is smaller than the one in RDR2, but much denser - multiple time periods would explain the need to scale back the size.

The leaker also claims that the game's main story will be "about 60 hours long", although how they or Rockstar could possibly know that at this stage in the game's development is beyond me. It could be that the developer is aiming for a certain length, but I really don't think it ever works that way.

Rockstar Games

They touched on the reports that Rockstar is working on a more advanced AI for the game, giving the example that drivers can get irate on the road, driving around stationary vehicles and other NPCs if they're running behind their daily schedules. They also suggested that you'll be able to change the size and shape of your body, as you could in San Andreas - though they noted it will be "less dramatic" in GTA VI.

As for the game's protagonist? Details were fairly scarce as the leaker claimed they were wary of spoiling story details, but it sounds as if we'll end the game as a 34-year-old male, though the early 1970's chapters will see us playing as this character's father. They say a female protagonist was contemplated around 2017, but abandoned because it doesn't "fit with GTA's narrative". That sounds like a fan talking, to be honest, as does the part where they claim the game is "very politically uncorrect". Ugh.

Those are the Big Details, but I'd be wary of the whole thing. Frankly, as others pointed out, a lot of the details read like a fan's Wishlist, and quite a lot of it doesn't really add up. As far as GTA rumours go, this one certainly threw a lot of crap at the wall. Let's see if any of it actually sticks.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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