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LEGO Has Announced Its Biggest Set Ever, With Over 11,000 Pieces

LEGO Has Announced Its Biggest Set Ever, With Over 11,000 Pieces

Oh, the places you'll build...

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Lego has announced the biggest set it has ever made, the Lego World Map, and it's got a cracking feature that lets people personalise the final build based on their own country.

The previous record holder was the Colosseum set with 9,036 pieces, and it offered builders an insight into how the real wonder of the world was constructed thousands of years ago. Moreover, the columns that compose the Colosseum are those of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders so the level of detail is eye-opening. On the other hand, the World Map is composed of a vivid seven colour scheme and becomes an amazing record of the countries that you've visited. Mind, it's likely that you haven't been anywhere further than the big Sainsbury's of late, seeing as there's been a whole pandemic going on since this time last year. But, once built, it'll be a striking addition to your walls. Be sure to set aside some hours for the task because it has 11,695 pieces all in all - a leap ahead of the Colosseum set.

No matter your age, Lego never stops being cool. The creativity it unlocks and the satisfaction of finishing a complex build just can't be beaten. Check out this amazing recreation of the intense Mortal Kombat trailer in Lego bricks below.

The Lego World Map is measuring 26 inches tall and 41 inches across, and the white pieces make up the countries while the red, orange, blue and green bricks are the oceans. One of the coolest parts about this is that the connector kit lets the builder shift the map so that their own country is in the centre as opposed to the traditional layout of putting Europe in the middle. Also, a hanging hook is included so you're able to show off your hard work and the bold colours of the set on your walls. Push pins mark your favourite locations or the places you'd like to visit in the future, and there's even a QR code which unlocks an "immersive soundtrack" to enjoy as you put the pieces together.

The World Map set will go on sale on June 1st and will be priced at $249.99. "As a keen traveller, I love this! However as a person with not much disposable income, I hate this!" joked meteoritee on Reddit. "Building it with my son is going to be a great summer project, especially with the customization options," said TacticalBreakfast. "This is exactly the kind of creative thing I wanted from the Art series."

Featured Image Credit: Lego

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