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Silent Hill Revival Finally On The Way, Konami Said To Be Working With Major Studio

Silent Hill Revival Finally On The Way, Konami Said To Be Working With Major Studio

And there might be more than one Silent Hill game in the works

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

In the horror gaming world, Silent Hill has become a little bit of a joke. Despite the series being hugely popular and having adoring fans the world over, Konami just doesn't seem that bothered in making new games for the series. After Hideo Kojima left Konami which thereby cancelled production of Silent Hills starring Norman Reedus, Konami has been incredibly quiet about the series as a whole.

It's now being reported though that the team at Konami is outsourcing the development of a Silent Hill game. Bloober Team, which recently released horror title The Medium has recently confirmed the next project they're working on is an existing horror IP from a "very famous gaming publisher" and people think it's likely that Konami and Bloober Team are working to get a new Silent Hill game out.

The news comes from VGC that has talked to insiders that know Konami have been shopping around for a Silent Hill reboot. According to that report, Konami might have two different Silent Hill reboots on the go, but it's not solidly confirmed that Bloober Team is on the project, it's still just a rumour. The second rumoured development on a new Silent Hill title would be with another Japanese development team - though the predictions for who that is are less clear at this time.

Notably, it seems that Konami originally asked development team Supermassive Games, the devs behind Until Dawn, to pitch a new idea for what a new Silent Hill could look like. Although this partnership never came to fruition the pitch evolved into what we know as the Dark Pictures Anthology.

The report from VGC also points us in the direction of a video from TheGrateDebate on YouTube that goes in-depth into why it's likely Bloober Team is the rumoured outsourced dev team. From reports of Bloober working with a global publisher and "world leader" in game development to tweets hinting at a new development involving some sort of combat.

If it is Bloober Team working on a Silent Hill game it's likely it will be a while until we'll know for sure. Though it must be exciting for Silent Hill fans to know they might be finally coming to the end of their wait.

Featured Image Credit: Konami / Bloober Team

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