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Katy Perry Has Released A Pokémon-Themed Song, Complete With CGI Pikachu

Katy Perry Has Released A Pokémon-Themed Song, Complete With CGI Pikachu

It seems Perry and Pikachu have been friends for a long time.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

I've somewhat wondered what musicians are doing in lockdown while they haven't been able to perform. Some are inevitably creating albums or new projects while they wait for a return to the stage but Katy Perry? She's been hanging out with Pikachu. As gaming giant Pokémon turns 25 this year, Perry has teamed up with the company to create a new single called Electric - obviously in honour of the little yellow rodent we all know and love.

The music video of this tune shows Katy and Pika having a blast. Pikachu gets some head pats, the pair get to visit a lighthouse, and they interfere with a local farmers market. I'm not kidding, they hang out at a farmers market and watch as a young singer and a Pichu get given fruit rather than money for a performance. The singer seems happy with the fruit though, and Perry hides in a clothing rack, convincing the young singer to enter a talent show wearing a coat that looks like it belongs in Macklemore's Thrift Shop music video.

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It's implied that Katy and the younger singer are the same people, and it's all a trip down memory lane. It's funny that during Katy's career this is the first time we're hearing of her life-long friendship with Pikachu, it must be a very private relationship. The song is a catchy little tune all the same and an appropriate way to celebrate 25 amazing years of the Pokémon brand.

According to the press release for the song, Perry has loved Pokémon for a long time, dating back to when she experienced the games on her Game Boy. Since then Perry has found things like the Pokémon Cafe in Japan very nostalgic and is apparently delighted to be celebrating the 25th birthday along with Post Malone.

May I just say, though, that I personally would have enjoyed the Poké-Rap performed by Katy Perry. I think that would have been an incredible homage to the legacy of the brand and a banger of a song. I mean that tune is still stuck in my head decades on from hearing it - now excuse me while I go listen to it again for the millionth time.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

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