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Injustice Studio Working On A Marvel Fighting Game, Says Insider

Injustice Studio Working On A Marvel Fighting Game, Says Insider

Civil War.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It's fair to say that Marvel fans have been starved for a truly decent fighting game of late. 2017's Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite was, to put it mildly, not very good. Meanwhile, DC fans have been spoiled by the excellent Injustice games.

Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm were given the keys to the DC universe back in 2013 for Injustice: Gods Among Us, a brutal fighting game that pitted the likes of Batman and Superman against each other and threw in a surprisingly deep story mode as an added bonus. Injustice 2 dropped a few years later in 2017, further putting Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite to shame with its rich well of content, fantastic gameplay, and another great single-player campaign.

Marvel fans have only been able to look on in envy at the DC brawler, but a new report suggests that NetherRealm might just be gearing up to give Spider-Man, Captain America, and the rest of the gang the Injustice treatment.

According to notable leaker and industry insider Daniel Richtman (via Stealth Optional), NetherRealm is developing a Marvel fighting game for next-gen consoles. Details are thin on the ground at this point, but Richtman claims the game is already in production.

If NetherRealm can do for Marvel what Injustice did for DC, fans should be in for a treat. I'm not sure the story would need to be quite as edgy as the one seen in Injustice, though. Those games get seriously dark. Marvel has always been a little lighter, no?

Injustice 2 /
Warner Bros.

As exciting as this is, do take the news with a pinch of salt for now. It would certainly make sense for Disney and Marvel to turn to NetherRealm in an effort to deliver a new kind of superhero fighting game using their classic characters given the studio's work on Injustice, but it'd also be a little unexpected. Warner Bros. owns both DC and NetherRealm, after all, so it would be unusual for Marvel to turn to them.

If you'll allow me to put on tin foil hat for a second, it'd be even more unusual if this rumoured NetherRealm game included DC and Marvel characters in a massive crossover brawler, wouldn't it? Unusual... but not impossible. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Warner Bros.

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