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Henry Cavill Posts Transformation Picture Of Geralt, Teases Hidden Secrets In Image

Henry Cavill Posts Transformation Picture Of Geralt, Teases Hidden Secrets In Image

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Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Henry Cavill, come on. You can't do this to us. Posting a picture on Instagram hinting at secret projects and unknown works while you're getting into Geralt of Rivia makeup? That's just harsh, unfair even, and we're thoroughly invested.

The actor best known for his performances as Superman and more recently, Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher series, has posted a picture on Instagram that has us confused. Sat in a makeup chair, waiting to get on set as Geralt, Cavill hints that he's got secrets that he can't share with us yet. And as an even bigger teaser, he's holding papers in his hand that almost definitely contain some sort of juicy information.

So what could this be? Could it be something directly related to The Witcher like a spin-off episode or a Netflix film? Could it be a voiced part in the Vesemir-orientated animated movie Nightmare of the Wolf that's also on the way? Or is it something else completely? See Cavill, this isn't fair, we know you're a busy busy man with a lot of impressive work that you've got on the way, but giving us hints when you're getting dressed as one of gaming's most beloved characters feels mean.

In any case, it's nice to see that filming of the The Witcher series is still on track. There have been numerous problems since the arrival of Covid that the crew and cast have had to deal with. From Covid-19 cases within the team to Cavill suffering a leg injury, the production of the second season has certainly been a difficult one. We can see just in this photo that correct precautions are being taken for the team to stay safe, and we've also seen Cavill taking his leg rehabilitation seriously, in between his gaming habits.

Now, though, we're focused on whatever this secret could be. Can anyone here translate blurry documents?

Featured Image Credit: Henry Cavill (via Instagram) / Netflix

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