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Henry Cavill Gives Cast And Crew Gifts As 'The Witcher' Season 2 Wraps Filming

Henry Cavill Gives Cast And Crew Gifts As 'The Witcher' Season 2 Wraps Filming

Season 2 has finally, finally finished filming

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

And that's a wrap! Season two of Netflix's The Witcher finishes filming today it seems, and will now head into post-production. We're inching ever closer to getting to see the finished product but, right now, it's just nice to see that after the messy filming conditions that the team had to endure, it's finally over. And to mark the wrap, it looks like Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt of Rivia, got some gifts for the crew members.

If you weren't aware of the technical difficulties that The Witcher season two has suffered, here are just a few examples. Henry Cavill suffered a leg injury after some stunts didn't go exactly as planned. The pandemic originally paused filling, because everything locked down, and when the team eventually came back to work there were two separate times positive cases of Coronavirus were discovered and everything had to shut back down again. Oh, and don't forget the casting changes. Getting this season filmed has been a huge struggle - so we can tell why Freya Allan, who plays Ciri, seemed excited when there was just one week of filming left.

After all that, I'd be relieved to be taking a break too - so congrats to the cast and crew who should be finishing up all the very last bits and pieces today, before the Easter weekend. And Cavill seems grateful too, as we've seen a few gifts pop up on Instagram from him to the crew.

Both spotted by Redanian Intelligence, Cavill has gifted a couple of Witcher-related items as everyone finishes up the project. The first seems to be a gift to a kid who has just been born. Jamie Shakespeare, who works on the art for TV and films, posted a picture of a signed poster he was given by the actor. It reads, "To Cillian, welcome to the world! The first natural-born Witcher you are," with Cavill's signature underneath. Shakespeare's caption reads: "A lovely little keepsake for the boy." How cute! Congrats to the family!

The other gift looks a little more like an item you'd find in the series itself. This Witcher emblem seems to be cast in maybe clear glass or resin, and is surely a perfect addition to anyone's sitting room. Behind it is a card from Cavill, wishing the crew well and of course it's in shiny silver writing to make it seem extra special. As the caption says, "well this is fancy".

Congrats again to everyone for getting season two's filming finished. I know I speak for many fans of the show when I say I'm excited to watch more of Geralt's adventures in the not too far off future.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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