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'GTA 6' Set To Be Revealed Inside Another Game, Says Wild Rumour

'GTA 6' Set To Be Revealed Inside Another Game, Says Wild Rumour

And other GTA V next-gen updates are rumoured.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Fans are getting just a little impatient with Rockstar. With Grand Theft Auto V approaching its eighth birthday, and its next-gen re-release looming, gamers are expecting a Grand Theft Auto VI announcement at any time. There have been theories about the setting, maps, and potential protagonists, but now there are rumours about how the next GTA is going to be announced.

A 4chan leak, spotted by Reddit and TweakTown, has claimed that we're not only going to be seeing the updated GTA V soon, but it'll also be the platform for the reveal of GTA VI. Both Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite have seen in-game events which have delivered important information about game updates, changes, and future releases - and it seems that Rockstar could be about to use the same format to create hype for its next game.

Here are some of our favourite Grand Theft Auto V moments:

The original post detailing the changes to GTA V and next game predictions says as follows:

  • E&E [expanded and enhanced] ]has been completely redeveloped on the RAGE engine
  • Campaign and systems have been redesigned to support VR
  • Improved Vehicle Damage
  • Improved Vehicle Physics
  • Euphoria overhaul for better rag dolls
  • GTA Online receiving four large updates leading into the GTA VI marketing campaign, which will take place over live events
  • Improved and redesigned AI and pathfinding for pedestrians, enemies and traffic
  • Traffic and pedestrian density increased
  • All online content coming to single-player (mostly cars, planes, weapons etc. none of the business elements)
  • Over 100 new licensed radio tracks
  • New stranger missions

Even if this leak proves to be a total hoax some of these details are to be expected for GTA V's arrival on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, like better NPC AI and more content from the online portion of the game making it into offline play. However, these live events are certainly an interesting possibility - and as GTA Online continues to be a hugely popular title, it does seem likely that Rockstar would want to utilise that player base for an in-game reveal-style event.

Of course, this is a rumour from 4chan, a site known for fake leaks all the time, but we're not entirely dissuaded from believing that an in-game event could ultimately reveal the highly anticipated GTA VI.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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