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‘Grand Theft Auto’ Streamer Roleplays WWE’s The Undertaker, Chaos Ensues

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Streamer Roleplays WWE’s The Undertaker, Chaos Ensues




Words by: Catherine Lewis

Let's face it, we've spent quite a lot of time with GTA V and GTA Online now. Both released almost eight years ago, if you can believe it, and although Online still receives regular updates with new content to explore, it's understandable that a fair few players are feeling a bit burnt out during the long wait for a new instalment in the series. Well, what better way to spice up the GTA experience than by taking on a brand new character, and following your own storyline?

That's exactly what many fans have been doing in GTA RP - a free, fan made GTA V multiplayer mod where you can customise your own character and act out their story however you like. Roleplaying in GTA is far from new, but dedicated roleplay servers have been seeing a huge rise in popularity this year thanks to streamers on Twitch. One such streamer is BigSkenger, who recently took to the streets of Los Santos as none other than WWE's The Undertaker. Because, why not?

If the digital Undertaker doesn't cut it for you, can I interest you in the real thing? We spoke to the legendary wrestler about which video game characters he could beat up and the results are.... as you'd expect:

The streamer kitted out his custom character with the most Undertaker-esque getup he could, including driving a hearse while blaring the wrestler's signature theme. During his adventures, The Undertaker got himself in a few fights with other players, one of which even faced the wrath of the Deadman's famous finishing move - the Tombstone Piledriver. As you can imagine, the viewers of the stream were loving it. Eventually though, the consequences of his actions caught up with him, and The Undertaker was taken down by the police - although not before an incredible car chase in his hearse.

Of course, The Undertaker isn't the only funny character streamers have been taking on the role of. Recently, Los Santos was also blessed with none other than Wario, which was just as amazing as you'd imagine. So, if you need to kill time until we get some GTA VI news, the options in GTA RP are absolutely endless. Just, be wary of being blindsided by a Tombstone Piledriver while you're out there.

Featured Image Credit: The Undertaker via Facebook, Bigskenger via Twitch

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