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FaZe Kalei Blasts Twitch Over "Sexually Suggestive Conduct" Ban

FaZe Kalei Blasts Twitch Over "Sexually Suggestive Conduct" Ban

Walk away, Renay

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

FaZe Clan member Kalei Renay has slammed Twitch over what she believes is a completely unfair ban related to allegedly "sexually suggestive conduct" on the platform.

Renay, who has been streaming on Twitch for years now, saw a significant increase in followers and viewers earlier this year when she joined FaZe Clan. Of course with more attention there must also come the increased possibility that things are going to go wrong. Sure enough, Renay received her first ban yesterday (October 13).

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While Twitch never publicly reveals the reasons behind a ban, Renay took to Twitter to confirm that it was as a result of "sexually suggestive conduct". Renay claims this ban probably has something to do with highlighting a tattoo on her collarbone which, as I'm sure you'll agree, is far more PG than some of the other Twitch streams we've seen in the last few months.

"Are you guys smoking crack?" she wrote. "All I wear is oversized hoodies and shirts. The only time I don't is because I got a tattoo on my collarbone and that's somehow sexual?"

While the ban isn't permanent and only expected to last three days, Renay said in a follow-up tweet that this suspension means she'll be forced to sit out on a sponsored stream and tournament.

"It's literally 5am at twitch headquarters and I just have to sit here wondering what I did, because they won't answer emails because they literally don't tell you what you said or did," she wrote. "Three days probably over a false strike. Love my life honestly."

Featured Image Credit: Faze Kalei via Twitch

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