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'Fall Guys' Player Gets Unblocked For Sending In Brilliant Written Apology

'Fall Guys' Player Gets Unblocked For Sending In Brilliant Written Apology

"​Fall Guys​ is not actually a dead game and I like to see their tweets."​

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Community managers have to deal with an awful lot of crap in any industry. Whether it's video games, TV, or live events, these are people who spent a good chunk of their day as the person in the company who deals with all the hate and criticisms - and we all know just how toxic people can be on the internet.

It's understandable, then, that every now and again a community manager will just straight up block someone for being a jerk. Their job is to nurture a positive community, after all... and a positive community has no time for jerks. That's why it's such a refreshing change of pace when somebody learns from their mistakes and is given a second chance.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout /
Mediatonic, Devolver Digital

Over the weekend Fall Guys community manager @Oliverage24 revealed that he'd blocked one user from engaging with the game's official Twitter account after they called it a "dead game". For those that don't have to deal with idiots online every day, referring to a clearly massively popular game such as Fall Guys, Call Of Duty: Warzone, or Fortnite as "dead" is something people love to do for some reason... despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Clearly not wanting to deal with such a person, they were swiftly blocked. However, Oliver decided to offer the Twitter user a chance at repentance when he found them begging to be unblocked, presumably so they could once again bathe in the cool waters of the dank Fall Guys meme stash. Oliver informed the blocked user that to rejoin the fold, they'd need to write the following message 24 times on a piece of paper:

"Fall Guys is not actually a dead game and I like to see their tweets."

Amazingly, the user obliged! They've since been unblocked from the Fall Guys account, and were given the chance to show the world their lovely handwriting. Let this be a message to all gamers out there who say something mean online that they might not have meant: 99% of the time, all you need to is offer an apology - preferably in the form of lines.

Huge props to Oliver for continuing to ensure that Fall Guys has one of the best and most wholesome social media presences of 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Mediatonic

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