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Elon Musk Attempts To Roast Gamers With A Rubbish Stolen Meme

Elon Musk Attempts To Roast Gamers With A Rubbish Stolen Meme

Yeah, gamers are like babies, we know Elon...

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Elon Musk. When he's not trying to get into space, appearing on television, or shaking up the cryptocurrency market, he's probably posting some stolen memes somewhere. Though he is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, you can always be sure that when you check his Twitter page you'll see an assortment of memes we all saw a couple of years ago. And just yesterday he came across one of the most famous gaming memes; the car seat comparison.

Gaming chairs have always been a bit of a meme, as they honestly look ridiculous. Though I have one myself, it's admittedly pretty silly to think about sitting in a huge, racecar-like chair to just lounge about and 'exercise' your hands. The other comparison we often see is that gaming chairs look a lot like toddler car seats - and yes, they absolutely do.

It's a case of laughing at ourselves and that's often what gamers are good at, but Elon Musk decided to once again resurface this meme and post it to his Twitter account. He didn't even have anything to add to the joke, just a mindblown emoji but the original image at least dates back to 2019 from this original tweet.

Welp, Elon man, you got us there. Gamers are all toddlers, congratulations, we're going to run our burns under cold water for an appropriate amount of time and think about how true that is. Anyway, shouldn't you be, like, on the way to space by now?

And can I ask, Mr Musk, when is your next appearance on Saturday Night Live? Your last one went so well I'm looking forward to some more excellent comedic appearances. Spoiler - his appearance on Saturday Night Live didn't go well, and it managed to go so badly that it affected the cryptocurrency Doge coin prices as he did a Wario impression.

Oh well, it's all in good fun, Musk can't help he's just catching up on some old memes now, we can't wait until we're in 2025 and he's finally joking about taking an arrow to the knee.

Featured Image Credit: Elon Musk

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