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Elder Scrolls Fans Want Elijah Wood To Play The Adoring Fan In Netflix Series

Elder Scrolls Fans Want Elijah Wood To Play The Adoring Fan In Netflix Series

By Azura!

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Late last year, a rumour emerged that Bethesda and Netflix were working together to develop a live-action series based on The Elder Scrolls. According to reports, the streaming giant wants to create yet another Game Of Thrones-style fantasy contender to match the huge success of its ongoing adaptation of The Witcher.

All the cool kids are turning video games into TV shows and films these days. Netflix has the excellent Castlevania, and is developing multiple Assassin's Creed projects, as well as more than one Resident Evil series. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime is developing a Fallout TV show with Bethesda, while HBO and Sony are working on a live-action adaptation of The Last Of Us - to say nothing of the dozens of other PlayStation franchises that Sony is currently developing for screens big and small.

An Elder Scrolls TV series has promise, undoubtedly, but where on Earth (or Tamriel) would you even start? The franchise takes place of thousands of years, dealing with the sagas of dozens of characters across space and time. Personally, I imagine such a show would work best as a anthology series, with different episodes offering self-contained stories showing us many of the characters we first met across the franchise, from Arena to Skyrim.

Whatever shape this alleged series might take, fans over on The Elder Scrolls Reddit have already agreed on one vital piece of casting. user Scared_Science2622 believes that Elijah Wood, best known as Frodo Baggins in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, should play the Adoring Fan. I have to admit that I can kind of see it, and given the thousands of upvotes the post received, so can everyone else.

For those who might not be aware who the Adoring Fan is, they're an incredibly minor character made famous by The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Players who best the game's Arena and are crowned Grand Champion can choose to have this strange and off-putting character follow them around, praising their every move. It gets annoying pretty quickly, but that didn't stop the Adoring Fan from going on to become the stuff of great memes.

I'm not entirely sure how such a character would factor into the rumoured Netflix series, but if Elijah Wood could play him, I'd be down. Maybe he could show up in every episode in the background, cheering on the viewer as they lie at home in their underwear binging the entire season in one day? That could work. Make it happen, Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/New Line Cinema

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