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'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' Smashes Sales Expectations In Another Win For Single-Player

'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' Smashes Sales Expectations In Another Win For Single-Player

We love to see it.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

With the constant success of multiplayer games, some people may worry that single-player titles are going to be put on the development back burner. I mean why develop a game that players only want to spend 60 quid on once, when you could make a game that gamers keep coming back to for years, spending 20 quid here and there for cosmetics and battle passes? From a fan's perspective that seems like a scary motivation for game developers to pass on single-player fun to go develop other more lucrative projects.

However, as reported by Dark Side of Gaming, there has been a big win for single-player games with the remaster of the Mass Effect series. EA has a bad reputation with its highly monetised multiplayer titles, but even so, has put effort into single-player adventures here and there. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for example was a massive success and now Mass Effect Legendary Edition has once again proved to EA that we, the players, still love story-focused adventures.

Here is the difference between the original Mass Effect graphics and the remasters...

On a recent company conference call, DSOG heard EA's CEO Andrew Wilson say: "The launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition - the remaster of the first three Mass Effect games - reignited the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations."

Isn't that good to hear? We really enjoyed our time with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it felt like coming home to the stories and characters that we have endless love for. And it doesn't look like EA needs any more encouragement from fans when it comes to going back and remastering more single-player adventures, as the Dead Space remake has already been announced.

Though it's lovely that we're getting to return to some of the best games from the 2000s in this way, we equally hope that EA and other developers take these lessons forward and make new worlds for us to discover.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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