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EA Posts Unfinished Tweet, Gets Absolutely Roasted For It

EA Posts Unfinished Tweet, Gets Absolutely Roasted For It

You hate to see it.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Electronic Arts hasn't exactly had the greatest reputation among gamers over the last few years. Hell, if it wasn't for the current mess Blizzard finds itself in, most would probably point to EA as their least favourite publisher.

The publisher behind such franchises as FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront just seems to have a habit of rubbing gamers up entirely the wrong way. Whether its bagging the world record for the most downvoted Reddit comment in history or attempting to rebrand loot boxes as "surprise mechanics," people are always on hand to give EA a good rinsing.

Predictably then, when EA accidentally posted what seemed to be a social media blunder of Ed Balls magnitude, gamers far and wide were ready to absolute roast the publisher over their mistake.

If you missed it, the official Electronic Arts Twitter account recently shared a tweet (above) that simply read "games," - was it a mistake? Was EA trying to make a joke? What did it mean? It didn't really matter either way, as Twitter was quick to leap on the tweet and tear into the publisher to the point that I'm genuinely confused as to why the company's social media person didn't just delete the post.

The responses were swift and predictable, starting with those that implied EA had hidden the rest of the tweet behind a paywall (a reference to the publisher's dubious history with microtransactions.

Then there the people who simply took the opportunity to tell EA how they really feel about the company, including YouTuber and critic Jim Sterling, who famously feels the same way about EA as Garfield does Mondays.

Even the EA Access Twitter account had a dig, because at a certain point I guess you just have to roll with the punches. I like to assume it's the same person in charge of both accounts and they were half smiling half crying as they joined the baying mob.

The moral of the story? Twitter is a goddam terrifying lion's den that essentially sits in wait, ready to pounce at a moments notice. Stay safe out there.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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