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'Battlefield 2042' Taking Key Feature From 'Warzone' And 'Apex Legends'

'Battlefield 2042' Taking Key Feature From 'Warzone' And 'Apex Legends'

However, this feature has an element of risk and reward for the player.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Battlefield 2042 is inching ever closer to launch and the excitement for the next entry of the shooter series is off the charts. Interestingly, it looks like Electronic Arts and DICE are pinching a popular part of Warzone for its executions.

Tom Henderson, an industry insider with a reliable track record, reported that the present playtest of Battlefield 2042 will be swapping knife executions from first person to third person. Call Of Duty: Warzone allows combatants to perform Finishing Moves if they have the combat knife equipped and are able to sneak up behind their target. This is also the case in Apex Legends where each of the characters have Finishers that refresh the player's Body Shield at the end of the animation. It's a risk in both of the games, though, because if the player is attacked at any point then the animation will cancel and the enemy will be spared.

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This nugget of information is interesting, then, given as Battlefield 2042 has been winning a lot of fans over with its differences from Call Of Duty and other live service titles. It's set in (you guessed it) 2042 following the devastation of climate change and an astrophysical event that causes all satellites to come crashing down to Earth. This leaves the United States and Russia as the remaining major powers while those without a home duke it out with the other "No-Pats."

While there is no single-player story for Battlefield 2042, the plot will be split into updates as part of the Battle Pass and tell the story through the eyes of the Operators. "No other shooter offers what Battlefield does," said senior game designer Nickole Li in an interview with Inverse.

"As you might have seen in the trailers, there's a robotic dog named Ranger that's there to support you. We have new vehicles. These things can't be found in other shooters. Battlefield is all about bringing these elements together into a multiplayer squad-based experience," continued Li. At the moment, neither Electronic Arts nor DICE has acknowledged the possible addition of third person execution moves but Henderson has been bang on with other Battlefield facts in the past. We'll let you know when we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts, DICE

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