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'Dino Crisis' Spiritual Successor Announced For 2022, And It Looks Stunning

'Dino Crisis' Spiritual Successor Announced For 2022, And It Looks Stunning

We’ve got a bone to pick with this one.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

I've got five words for you: sign me up for Instinction. From Hashbane Interactive comes this spiritual successor to Dino Crisis, flaunting a stunningly majestic world where dinosaurs rule the earth, and spanning a "gripping" storyline.

Dino Crisis, created and directed by Shinji Mikami, is an exceptionally popular panic horror series with an exceptionally peculiar premise. The protagonist is a member of the Secret Operation Raid Team, who are sent to Ibis Island to investigate the death of a scientist who was at the forefront of his field. It turned out that this scientist is very alive and is in fact leading a secret weapons project wherein his technology streamlined the timelines of prehistoric Earth and modern-day Earth, releasing dinosaurs onto the island. Much more resource efficient than attempting to recreate the reptiles from the blood inside mosquitoes trapped in amber... I think.

It isn't a major winner for Capcom, as only 4.4 million units have been sold across the five titles in the series. Compare that to the performance of Monster Hunter (66 million units sold) or Resident Evil (107 million units sold), and it's evident why the company has not called on Dino Crisis again. But, fans adore Dino Crisis for its silly storyline, the sheer volume of scares it was willing to dole out at any opportunity, and its banging soundtrack which drew out the tension and the explosive action of the experience.

Instinction /
Hashbane Interactive

"We wanted what many gamers wanted, a modern take on an age old cult classic," said Hashbane Interactive in the press release about Instinction. "A dinosaur survival game with modern mechanics and a compelling story, after 20 years waiting we had no choice but to make one ourselves, and it had to be amazing so as to pay homage to the original, with full mod support for the community!"

I've never played Dino Crisis, so I wasn't totally sold on Instinction to start with. But, would you look at those visuals? Using Unreal Engine, the studio has "paid particular focus on next-generation consoles and GPUs" in order to deliver beautiful 8K resolutions at 120 frames per second with advanced ray-tracing. PlayStation 5 players will also look forward to adaptive triggers and haptic feedback from the game, possibly replicating the steps of a ginormous dinosaur walking among the trees.

"Play in first and third person perspectives interchangeably, as one of three salvage crew members or in co-op and progress through multiple objectives while discovering secrets, from the unknown depths of the ocean to vast grassy plains," explained the studio. "As they unearth the true reasons for their deployment they begin to descend into inner self-doubt that will test their resolve, relationships and push them to the darkest corners of their minds. Complete objectives, find upgrades, uncover side quests and embark on an unforgettable journey." Roll on 2022, when Instinction releases for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Featured Image Credit: Hashbane Interactive

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