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'Days Gone' Mod Makes Hordes Even Scarier With 700 Zombies To Fight

'Days Gone' Mod Makes Hordes Even Scarier With 700 Zombies To Fight

Recommended for those with nerves of steel.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Last month, the survival horror game Days Gone leapt from PlayStation to PC, telling Deacon St. John's story to a whole new audience. Of course, it's also enabled players to mod the game, and this one is truly terrifying.

There's a lot that the game shares with other apocalyptic media. The world's population has succumbed to a lethal and rapidly evolving virus that transforms the infected into shambling cannibals. Deacon St John, his wife Sarah and his best friend Boozer try to escape to safety, but Sarah becomes critically injured in the escape. She boards the military helicopter while the two men stay behind, however, Sarah is presumed dead after the facility she would have landed at is overrun by Freakers. Years pass, and Deacon ekes out an existence in the post-apocalyptic forests and abandoned settlements of Oregon. Where Days Gone differs is that the protagonist travels by motorcycle which becomes a central part of the game's progression with upgrades and additions. Oh, and the zombies that gather in deadly hordes between 50 to 500 individuals strong. Cripes.

Frothing mouths, scraping claws, rotting flesh, bloodthirsty eyes. Is there anything more repulsive than a Freaker? Maybe this controller - it really looks like it's been in the wars. Check out the oh-so-satisfying clean up video below.

Modder Aigmir presumably thought to themselves, that's not enough. There is no risk of me losing control of my bowel movements in Days Gone and that simply isn't good enough. Their "Massive (Challenging) Hordes" mod boosts the numbers of hordes to 280 to 600. Yes, 280 Freakers all in the one spot is the lowest end of that scale. Fortunately, Aigmir ensured that they stayed within the limits of the original game's tiers, so that you're not seeing monsters come over the hills in every direction.

As per these rules, Tier 0 is 200 Freakers at the Little Bear Lake. Tier 1 sees 280 Freakers in the Cascade Region and 320 Freakers in the Grotto Caves boss horde. Tier 2 has 360 Freakers in the Belknap Region and 400 Freakers in the Patjens Lakes boss horde. You get the picture all the way up to Tier 5 with 600 Freakers in the Crater Lake Region and a whopping 670 Freakers at the Mount Bailey boss horde. I tip my hat to you if you're able to wipe out 670 Freakers, and I'll take your name and number in case we're ever subject to a zombie apocalypse.

Be aware that this mod only works with a save of Days Gone where you haven't already found these hordes, otherwise, you'll need to start the game again. Remember, molotov cocktails are your friend. In this instance. Don't you dare take that quote out of context.

Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio

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