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​'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Bug Lights Up The Map In Cool Neon

​'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Bug Lights Up The Map In Cool Neon

Verdansk has never looked so pretty

Vikki Blake

Vikki Blake

A strange new bug is setting the skies of Call of Duty: Warzone alight with blasts of neon colour.

As spotted by the eagle-eyed commenters at Reddit (thanks,, unlike most bugs that seem to detrimentally affect players and gameplay, this one is more a happy accident than anything else, and makes for a very pretty view, too, turning Verdansk into a neon-soaked party zone.

The striking effect has got players dreaming of a permanent, intentional night mode.

"Would look kind of cool if they had a night mode but all the buildings were lit up with lights kind of like this," said one commenter, while another responded: "Totally agree. When the game launched they had a bunch of night time maps on the regular MP. Then they slowly disappeared and I can't help but wonder why. They were really cool, and Warzone at night? Oh sh-t, that'd be sweet."

In related Call Of Duty: Warzone news, the latest issue to divide players concerns the game's mysterious bunkers, which were recently made accessible. Specifically, players have started camping just outside the new areas, waiting to pick off any foes that might be trying to get inside.


Why is this such a problem among fans? Well, for those that might not play the battle royale every day, it's not actually all that easy to open one of the bunkers yourself. Bunker 11, in particular, involves following a number of convoluted steps to access the prizes within. Consequently, some players are very upset indeed that after all their hard work, campers are sitting around waiting to steal the spoils.

We reported on how an increasing number of players had started doing this last week, once the bunkers first opened. However, it now seems to have become a genuine issue in the eyes of a lot of the community, with some arguing that it's not in the spirit of the game at all.

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Featured Image Credit: Call Of Duty: Warzone Credit: Infinity Ward

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