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Battlefield Spinoff Reportedly In Development Alongside 'Battlefield 6'

Battlefield Spinoff Reportedly In Development Alongside 'Battlefield 6'

Bad Company 3, please and thank you.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

DICE LA has confirmed it's currently working on a Battlefield game, which some believe could be a brand-new entry or spinoff alongside the in-development Battlefield 6.

Justin Wiebe, a senior design director at the studio, took Twitter to reveal that he's working on a new project in the Battlefield universe, although he stopped short of sharing what exactly this mystery game entails.

"Any guesses what EA owned franchise I'm thrilled to be working on now?" he asked, before going on to confirm it wasn't Apex Legends or Star Wars. "It's Battlefield for the win! It's wondrous I get to work on a game I fell in love with almost 20 years ago! The sandbox play of 1942 was just amazing for its time. I look forward to hearing from all of you what you loved and hope for in a future BF game".

As noted by GamesRadar, DICE LA did a lot of work on Battlefield 4, but is typically credited as a support studio for DICE's main team in Sweden. While we might assume from this that DICE LA's new project is simply assisting on Battlefield 6, it's worth noting that the studio re-branded last year, with the idea being that it would step away from the core DICE team and start working on its own games.

So what exactly could DICE LA be working on, if it's not supporting on Battlefield 6? Our immediate hope would be that we're finally getting Bad Company 3, but I think it might be time to admit that EA has fully forgotten about that particular branch of the Battlefield family. The studio could also be developing a standalone battle royale spinoff for Battlefield 6 in the style of Warzone. That'd certainly be interesting to see, and we're sure EA would love a slice of the success Activision found with its own free-to-play battle royale.

The less exciting but far more likely option is that DICE LA is working on the rumoured last-gen version of Battlefield 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While EA has confirmed that DICE is developing a shooter that takes full advantage of next-gen hardware, there have been rumblings that a separate studio is putting together a slightly different version of the game for less powerful hardware. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: DICE

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