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'Battlefield 6' Is Coming Holiday 2021, Will Support More Players Than Ever Before

'Battlefield 6' Is Coming Holiday 2021, Will Support More Players Than Ever Before

Let battle commence.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Electronic Arts has confirmed that DICE is "way ahead" of schedule with Battlefield 6. The publisher recommitted to the shooter's long-rumoured "Holiday 2021" release date, and teased that we can expect to see a full reveal this spring.

"Our next Battlefield experience will mark a return to all out military warfare," EA CEO Andrew Wilson said at the company's third quarter earnings call on Tuesday. "The game takes full advantage of the power of next generation platforms to bring massive immersive battles to life with more players than ever before."

"Featuring maps with unprecedented scale, the next edition of Battlefield takes all the destruction, player agency, vehicle and weapon combat that the franchise is known for and elevates it to another level. The team is focused and the game is ahead of our internal milestones. We will reveal the game in the spring and deliver a defining Battlefield experience for our players in holiday 2021."

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen later added that DICE is "way ahead of where we were in prior product cycles" which can only be a good thing.

Much of what was said at the earnings call lines up with rumours we'd previously heard about what to expect from Battlefield 6. A lot of noise has been made about the fact that many of the upcoming game's maps have been designed with 128+ players in mind, although the core 32-vs-32 gameplay will remain.

We've also heard that Battlefield 6 draws heavily from the fan-favourite Battlefield 3. Reliable Battlefield and Call Of Duty insider Tom Henderson has hinted on multiple occasions that the incoming title will be borrowing a lot from its 2011 predecessor. This could mean any number of things, of course, but the most certain takeaway from these rumours right now is that Battlefield 6 will more than likely be a modern-day shooter. It's even been suggested that the game could focus on a fictional World War III, because what we need right now is to start giving governments around the world ideas.

Battlefield 3 /

Henderson also suggested that Battlefield 6 will take a leaf out of Call Of Duty's playbook and be a back-to-basics reboot called Battlefield. He claimed that the game is also being developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but that the last-gen version is being handled by a different team. This last-gen version, it's alleged, will feature 32 vs 32 game modes, graphical downgrades, and limited destruction. Not long to go until spring, when EA and DICE can finally lift the lid and show us what they've been working on.

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