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‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ And ‘TLOK’ Are Getting A New Game

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ And ‘TLOK’ Are Getting A New Game

Let's jump into the world of Avatar again

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you ask me, Avatar: The Last Airbender should have had, like, ten more seasons of Aang and the gang fighting the Fire Nation as best as they can. The Legend of Korra, which is the follow-up series to Avatar was pretty good too, but the original series is just phenomenal. Now, both are coming to a new tabletop experience from Magpie Games.

The team at Magpie have announced that they have come to an agreement with ViacomCBS to create a tabletop RPG based in the world of Avatar and Korra and honestly, that sounds like our type of TTRPG. This won't only be a single release - the press release from Magpie reveals that this is a multi-year licensing agreement that will have a base release and then two supplements in the following year.

CEO of Magpie Games, Mark Diaz Truman says, "The stories of Avatar are so moving for us because they are joyous and heartbreaking. We're incredibly excited to bring the tales of brave benders and loyal friendships to tabletop roleplaying games; we know so many fans of both series have been waiting years for this moment! We're also thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Asian designers like James Mendez Hodes to bring the world of Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra to life in a way that's true to the authentic, diverse spirit of both shows."

ViacomCBS's Pam Kaufman also sounds delighted with the collaboration, saying Magpie Games' "commitment to supporting diverse content from diverse creators along with their exceptional game product made them the right choice to bring the world of Avatar to tabletop roleplaying games."

The game should be hitting shelves in February 2022 and the two aforementioned supplements should follow in August 2022 (Republic City) and February 2023 (The Spirit World). The latter of the two is something we're particularly excited for, as we'd love our own run-in with Koh the Face Stealer. Aang could survive him, we're sure we could too.

Featured Image Credit: ViacomCBS

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