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The Country Most Likely To Cheat In Games Has Been Revealed

The Country Most Likely To Cheat In Games Has Been Revealed

And the answer is perhaps a little too close to home.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Sometimes the temptation of being the banker in Monopoly is just too much. Sometimes you're sat beside a huge wad of cash and the little Gollum-like devil inside your brain says, "just take it, it can be yours". Perhaps next time you're sending money to the bank to buy a property you give yourself just a little too much change. I mean I would never do that but it turns out quite a few of us Brits would.

New research from Bingo Scanner has reported that actually, those in the United Kingdom are the most likely to cheat during board games and video games. Shocking - we should all be ashamed it seems. While we've been in lockdown and stuck having to make our own fun inside, the number of people searching for terms that will help them win games has been quite revealing.

So how'd they work out how competitive we were? Well Bingo Scanner put found a list of search terms it wanted to accumulate - such as "how to cheat, how to win, cheat code for, how to cheat in Uno / Chess / cards / poker / Monopoly / Ludo / Scrabble" and more - and put that against the population for the country eventually coming to a search volume per 100k Capita. These results than gave the United Kingdom the crown for the most searches at 14.85

Ireland wasn't far behind with 12.66 and third, went to New Zealand. The rest of the top ten then goes, Australia, Hungary, United States, France, Korea, Italy, and then Mexico. A lot of families trying their best to beat one another I guess?

So next time you're playing a game with mates, and you know there is a possibility that someone could cheat, you might want to check if they're being really, truly honest with you. And then you can cheat instead and win your game of Poker - foolproof right?

Featured Image Credit: Mattel

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