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An Alleged New Borderlands Game Has Leaked Ahead Of E3

An Alleged New Borderlands Game Has Leaked Ahead Of E3

Plus there’s an XCOM x Marvel crossover in the works at 2K Games

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

As we near E3 season, it's inevitable that some big reveals will leak. This might be one of them - but as it's a leak and not a confirmation, it's a classic grain of salt situation. Nevertheless, it'll come as exciting news to fans of the Borderlands series, and possibly Marvel followers, too.

Posted on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit yesterday - sorry, this broke just as we were clocking off for the day, UK time - user swine_flu_greg detailed a number of 2K Games projects set to be revealed at the publisher's E3 showcase (a joint affair with its parent company, Take-Two Interactive). A new NBA game is to be expected - but the rest of this leak is all-new, we-didn't-totally-see-it-coming stuff.

Refresh your Borderlands 3 memory by rewatching the 2019 game's launch trailer, below...

A new title called Wonderlands is said to be a spin-off from the main Borderlands games, putting the character Tiny Tina at the centre of its action. Developers Gearbox already trademarked the title Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, so it could be that's the final name for this one. The leak suggests this will play in much the same way as past Borderlands games, with multiplayer options and "multi-class" heroes to choose from. Now, we have known that something new was coming in the Borderlands series for a while, but it's probably not Borderlands 4 just yet.

Apologies if you feel you've had a part of your E3 experience spoiled now, but the clue for this one was in the headline. If you want to keep other details firmly filed under "unknown", probably click away now as there was more in this 2K leak, which I'm about to detail, below.

As well as the new Borderlands title, 2K is said to be showing off a new game from Firaxis, the makers of the XCOM series. Apparently codenamed CODA, this is going to be a turn-based strategy experience that fans of all things XCOM should feel familiar with - but with a twist. Marvel heroes are going to feature - who, exactly, we don't know - and there's talk that they'll be voiced by (at least some of) their MCU Hollywood actors.

Lastly, there's a game currently known as Codename Volt. This, writes the Reddit leaker, has been described as "Cthulhu meets Saints Row", and it could be being made by Hanger 13, the 2K-owned studio behind Mafia III and Mafia: Definitive Edition. The leaker claims to have seen a trailer of the action-orientated title, which looked "pretty unfinished".

Naturally, we'll bring you news of all the biggest reveals during E3 and associated events, so keep your peepers on our site and socials for the good stuff. In other Borderlands news, you do know there's a movie on the way, right?

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive, Gearbox Software

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