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Alleged ​'GTA 6' Map Found In 'GTA 5' Strip Club, Of All Places

Alleged ​'GTA 6' Map Found In 'GTA 5' Strip Club, Of All Places

It's always in the last place you look...

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

An eagled-eyed GTA V player appears to have stumbled across a potential clue that points towards the next game in the series.

Earlier this month an incredibly fake-looking map started doing the rounds on Reddit. While this map had appeared from a completely unverified source, some believed that it was actually a leaked map for the long-awaited GTA VI.

The only reason people assumed this? Because the map matched up to a separate leak from a few years before... which itself came from an unreliable source. Basically, the whole thing was super fishy and didn't really look like it was going to amount to anything.

Rockstar Games

Of course there are some players out there who still believe this leaked map could be the real deal, and now one player thinks they've found the in-game evidence to support it. Reddit user MrBurpAlot was hanging out at one of the Los Santos strip clubs in GTA V for purely innocent reasons when they noticed some postcards on the wall in the changing rooms.

The postcards themselves refer to a location called Paradise Isle, which has yet to appear in any Grand Theft Auto game. Comparing the postcards to the leaked maps, MrBurpAlot believes that the two actually match up. I'd argue it's all a bit of a stretch and that we should take this with a massive pinch of salt, but see for yourself below.

This "discovery" appears to have split the Reddit thread. Some believe that it's a strong find and a key clue in the game Rockstar may or may not be playing in the build-up to GTA VI. Others believe that it's really very unlikely that Rockstar Games slipped a GTA VI Easter egg into a game it released nearly a decade ago.

I'm very much part of the latter camp, although it's interesting to note that there were pictures of GTA V in Max Payne 3. With that said, Max Payne 3 released roughly one year before GTA V, while the distance between GTA V and its successor is considerably greater - and getting larger all the time.

For now, all we know for sure is that a new Grand Theft Auto is in early development. My advice? Have fun out there hunting Easter eggs and speculating, but stay aware of the fact that we'll probably only really learn more when Rockstar is ready to tell us more. And who knows when that'll be?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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