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A Company Will Give You $250,000 If You Can Prove You Have A Superpower

A Company Will Give You $250,000 If You Can Prove You Have A Superpower

You don't have to be super strong, maybe just a telepath

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

At this point, who doesn't dream of having superpowers right? There are so many movies, comic books, shows, and more that show us just how cool it would be to be able to fly, teleport, read minds and more. All of this is complete fiction of course. No one really can bend the laws of physics to their will, as far as we know, but just to make sure anyone with legitimate superpowers is tempted to show them off, a company is offering a quarter of a million dollars to prove they can do the extraordinary.

Yes, you, if you have powers, can get paid for simply displaying them - and it's not even a new offer. The Paranormal Challenge has been around for years from the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group. This company, dedicated to promoting science and secularism, has been kept this offer on the table for anyone that thinks they can prove they're supernatural, and design tests for them.

Although it's not a new offer, it has resurfaced as recently a man by the name of Gary Arnold tried to prove he could "communicate with invisible entities" - according to the report of the situation from OneZero. One day Arnold reported that a crackling in his ears allowed him to hear messages like "Mr Arnold". Sadly Gary Arnold has not proved his abilities are real and so the $250k is still left untouched.

As The Nerdist reports, there more of these similar situations. Where individuals fully believe that what is happening to them is incredible, perhaps beyond the laws of science. And yet over the years and multiple candidates putting themselves forward has never produced any provable powers.

Eh, it's a shame really, I was looking forward to super-powered fights on the news. Would have been interesting at least - but if you do think that perhaps you've got a real superpower that you want to show people, you can visit the CFIIG investigations page here.

Featured Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics / Insomniac

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