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13-Year-Old Becomes Multi-Millionaire In One Year, Creating Dinosaur Inspired NFTs

13-Year-Old Becomes Multi-Millionaire In One Year, Creating Dinosaur Inspired NFTs

This 13-year-old became a multi-millionaire in just one year, after selling dinosaur inspired long-necked portraits of celebrities as NFTs.

Kate Harrold

Kate Harrold

NFTs. You know, the topic we all hate yet continue to talk about ... that. Well, non-fungible tokens show no signs of disappearing into the sweet hereafter so we may as well celebrate the occasional success story.

If you're clueless as to what an NFT is, I'm about to ruin your day. Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that can be bought and sold online. These one-of-a-kind cryptographic tokens can take the form of a photo, video, 3D model, or an audio file.

With cryptocurrency and NFTs, it seems like there are as many success stories as there are gut-wrenching failures. Speaking of, this person lost the password to a hard drive storing $239 million in Bitcoin:

NFTs can be notoriously hit and miss. There are tragic tales aplenty of NFTs selling for way under their market value, including someone who lost a whopping $297,000 but today I bring you a rare (and wholesome) success story, so consider me an optimist. A 13-year-old from the USA recently revealed that she'd become a multi-millionaire in just one year after selling her self-drawn dinosaur inspired NFTs online.

Nyla Hayes combined her love of the long-necked brontosaurus with iconic women throughout history including Lucille Ball and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, giving her subjects a stretched-neck appearance. With over 3000 designs in her collection, Nyla has been selling her art online as NFTs.

In an interview with NBC News Now, Nyla said "I love drawing women from all around the world because I really like different cultures and different backgrounds. I didn't know what to call them so I just thought of them as long neckies."

Prices for Nyla's NFTs vary - with examples including $6,621.70 and $3,920.05 - and she was named 'Artist in Residence' by Time in 2021. Whatever your thoughts on NFTs are, there's no denying that Nyla's entrepreneurial efforts put the rest of us to shame. I'd be chuffed if someone offered me $1 but that's probably just a reflection on my poor art skills.

Featured Image Credit: QuestInspector / Universal Pictures

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