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Game subscriptions and in-game currencies top kids' Christmas lists, survey discovers

Game subscriptions and in-game currencies top kids' Christmas lists, survey discovers

A new survey has found that this Christmas, kids are asking for game subscriptions and in-game currencies.

I think other UK readers will understand what I’m talking about when I say my lead up to Christmas as a kid was spent circling various toys in the Argos catalogue. However, that is far from what kids are wanting this year with a recent survey discovering game subscriptions and in-game currencies are at the top of their lists.

It is no secret that gaming is as popular as ever, especially with the younger generation having more access to the latest console. However, gaming is quite an expensive hobby and the spending doesn’t end once you have bought the game. Many titles feature in-game purchases to get you access to cosmetics, weapons and other aesthetic items.

Fortnite is just one of many games kids will be playing this Christmas.

Additionally, both Sony and Microsoft offer its customers subscriptions in the form of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass. Although this gives access to the latest games at a much cheaper price point, it is still a monthly/annual expense. Not to mention battle passes…

So it is perhaps no surprise that a recent survey by Ipsos on behalf of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) revealed that a whopping 72% of 501 U.S. children plan to ask for video games for Christmas.

For subscriptions, 39% of the 501 respondents plan to ask for one as well as 38% asking for a console, 32% for gaming equipment/accessories, 29% for in-game currency and 22% for physical video games.

For adults, the same question was asked to 500 adults aged between 18-65 and the result showed that 32% of them planned to purchase video game related gifts for themselves or others. Not only that but each person is expected to spend around $485 on these items over the festive period.

“More than 212 million Americans play video games regularly, so it comes as no surprise that games are at the top of this year’s wish lists,” said ESA president Stan Pierre-Louis.

“Whether a family is getting a new console, updating their controllers and headsets or adding to their library with new games and expansion packs, we know video games are a great tool for families to play together and connect during the holiday season and beyond.”

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games, Sony

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