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Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project is a gorgeous-looking remake

Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project is a gorgeous-looking remake

Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project is a gorgeous-looking remake and you can see it in action now.

Remakes of our favourite video games are certainly a welcomed trend by many and if you love Final Fantasy, then you’re in for another RPG makeover treat.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released for the PlayStation all the way back in 2000, before being ported to multiple platforms several years later. Over the years, the game has received several graphical updates, but it's never been totally remastered or remade - until now. As reported by DSOgaming, fans of Final Fantasy IX are in for an extra special treat thanks to a gorgeous-looking fan-made remake of the title named Memoria Project powered by Unreal Engine 5. This remaster retains the game's core visuals and gameplay but in modernised glorious HD. However, what’s more, there is also a playable demo, but there is a catch.

Final Fantasy XVI is soon due to release. Take a look at the game below.

Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project is being developed by a group of more than 50 passionate fans of the iconic JRPG series, which consists of talented developers and artists. The game is being developed to give us a taste of what a modern remake of this beloved classic might look like.

Earlier, we mentioned that there is a playable demo with a catch. This demo brings both good and bad news. The good news is that the playable demo is a generous 25 minutes in length. As for the bad news, this playable demo will not be made public and is exclusive to the developers only. Take a look at it in action below.

It’s likely that the reason the Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project playable demo has not been made public is in the hope that it will reduce the chances of Square Enix forcing the developers to remove it. Of course, even with this demo not being made public, a cease-and-desist order from Square Enix is still a possibility. Let’s just hope that it doesn't come to that.

Thankfully, Square Enix is no stranger to official remakes. In April 2020, we got the first part ofFinal Fantasy VII: Remake with its second part, Rebirth, expected to arrive on PS5 later this year. Hopefully, as Square Enix ploughs through the series, we’ll eventually get an official Final Fantasy IX remake one day.

Featured Image Credit: Memoria Project via YouTube

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