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Final Fantasy 16 producer thinks ending exclusives is better for players and developers

Final Fantasy 16 producer thinks ending exclusives is better for players and developers

One console to rule them all?

Console exclusives are a huge part of any leading platform's identity and it has been that way for many years.

For example, Super Mario, Kratos and Master Chief will always be leading figures in the branding of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. It still feels weird to see Sonic the Hedgehog on multiple platforms, despite SEGA no longer being in the console market since the demise of the Dreamcast in 2001.

Check out the Final Fantasy XVI trailer below!

Personally, I’m a fan of exclusives and I’m not talking about those that were acquired by huge sums of cash to prevent a popular game from releasing on a rival platform. I’m talking about original IPs that have always been part of a console’s identity, such as the few names mentioned above. If we ever lost that identity, it would be a sad day indeed.

However, as reported by IGN (via ResetEra), it seems that Final Fantasy XVI producer and director, Naoki Yoshida believes that it would be better for developers and players if there was just one console to rule them all, a place where everyone can play the same games. Yoshida was talking on the Taiwanese YouTube channel, ‘Muyao 4 Super Player’.

When on the topic of PlayStation and Xbox, Yoshida said: “I probably shouldn't say this, but I wish there was only one,” he explained, translated by IGN. “It would be better for both the developers and the players.” That’s certainly an interesting thought.

In our review of Final Fantasy XVI, we said it’s: “truly an epic adventure. It has a fantastical story, over-the-top character performances, a sublime soundtrack, epic boss battles and it looks gorgeous to boot.”

Can you imagine playing Halo on Nintendo, God of War on Xbox or Super Mario on PlayStation? It would really be like we’ve entered the Twilight Zone for real. That being said, perhaps that would be your cup of tea.

Final Fantasy XVI is out now exclusively on PlayStation 5. Well, at least for the time being.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix/Microsoft

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