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Fallout TV Show Leaked Images Show The Inside Of A Vault For First Time

Fallout TV Show Leaked Images Show The Inside Of A Vault For First Time

A number of supposed set pictures from the Fallout TV adaptation are circulating online, this time showing the inside of a vault.

There’s quite a few TV and film adaptations of games in the works right now - as well as HBO’s The Last of Us show, we’re also set to get God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn adaptations, which is really exciting. The show that many gamers are probably the most hyped about though is Amazon’s upcoming Fallout series, which was first announced back in 2020, and is being written and directed by Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan.

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Although we’ve not gotten a trailer or any sort of official look at the show just yet, a number of supposed set pictures have been surfacing online lately, which makes sense given that it was rumoured to start filming this summer. Anyway, as shared by @Shamanomenon on Twitter, even more apparent set photos are now circulating, and this time, of a location that fans have been very curious to see.

Assuming they’re real images, we’ve just got our first look at the TV adaptation’s vaults, and people are blown away with the accuracy and attention to detail. Take a look below.

Fans have been sharing their reactions on Reddit: “Holy s**t this… actually looks really good! I need to see the wasteland but man they definitely nailed the vaults,” wrote MMontanez92. “It looks identical to the games. Could be really really good,” commented RMectrex. “This looks incredible,” agreed SkedPhoenix.

Featured Image Credit: Interplay Entertainment, Bethesda

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