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Fallout fans surprised by sequel announcement none of us saw coming

Fallout fans surprised by sequel announcement none of us saw coming

Surprise! Here's a Fallout follow-up

It seems there’s no slowing down the Fallout franchise. 2024 opened with a stunning look at the new Fallout TV show coming from Amazon, we’ve seen Fallout 76 going from strength to strength, and the post-apocalyptic game has even crossed over to the TCG Magic the Gathering.

Now, a Fallout fan has hit a major milestone on their project to create a Fallout movie called Fallout: Breaking. Created by Zack Finfrock, the film will chronicle the character Twig, who they initially created for a web series, Fallout Nuka Break, which debuted over 10 years ago.

Fallout will be hitting TV screens next month from Amazon Studios.

The creator has been raising funding on GoFundMe and has recently broken the $20,000 barrier ensuring that his vision can come to fruition. But he’s not doing it alone; industry veterans Katie Khan and Brian Curtin are also contributing to the film to help create authentic visuals and special effects.

Carrying on the life of his character Twig, fans of the original web series will catch up to a more “aged and weathered” version of the beloved character. Finfrock’s original plan for the film budgeted just $7,500 to shoot and create the vision, but they were surprised when the money total kept rising. Finfrock spoke on the funding goal saying it would “ensure that we can keep the quality and tone of the original short film, and it keeps a roof over my head while I work on the majority of the production up until the release goal of early April of this year.”

This funding certainly helps keep people like Katie Khan on the team; Khan has previously worked on Disney’s The Mandalorian, while Brian Curtin is known for creating amazing Fallout props. It sounds like production is going well and while there is no firm release date in mind, it’s sure to get plenty of attention after Amazon Prime launches their Fallout TV show very soon.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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