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Fallout 3 player works out how many bombs actually fell on Washington DC

Fallout 3 player works out how many bombs actually fell on Washington DC

There's less than you'd think looking at the lore

The universe of Fallout is centered around a nuclear holocaust that happened hundreds of years ago, one that absolutely levelled the entirety of America and created new species of creatures through radiation and years of evolution.

It's often stated that quite a lot of bombs hit the setting of Fallout 3, Washington DC, but one fan has investigated this claim and came to a very different conclusion.

For those not in the know, it's stated within various lore documents within the Bethesda Fallout games that multiple bombs were dropped on key locations in America. Boston, the setting of Fallout 4, had three nuclear bombs dropped on it, while Las Vegas, the setting for Fallout: New Vegas, was targeted by 77 bombs (though not all of them actually hit the city).

It's heavily implied in Fallout 3 that Washington DC was essentially carpet-bombed due to its status at the capital of the United States.

YouTuber AnyAustin, who has previously released videos that work out extremely niche details of popular games, such as the unemployment rate of Pokémon's Saffron City, recently released a video working out exactly how many different bombs hit the capital of the United States. In order to do this, he first looked for obvious telltale signs that a nuclear blast had happened in the vicinity, using various pieces of environmental storytelling to mark these. After factoring in the two bomb sites that are shown in the story, Any Austin found that it seemed twelve different nuclear weapons had been fired at Washington DC and had detonated (this means that the undetonated bomb at the bottom of Megaton isn't counted in that tally).

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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