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Elliot Page says he and co-star had sex 'all the time' making Juno

Elliot Page says he and co-star had sex 'all the time' making Juno

Elliot Page has said that he and Juno co-star Olivia Thirlby has sex 'all the time' while making the film.

If you’re a fan of coming-of-age comedies, and I’m almost certain everyone is, you need to watch Juno if you haven’t already. Being a teenager can be awkward and overwhelming. It’s good to look back on those high-pressure years with humour as an adult.

Juno was released in 2007. Directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody, the film stars Elliot Page as the titular character Juno. Juno is essentially forced to deal with an unexpected pregnancy and finds a failed rockstar, Mark (played by Jason Bateman), and his wife (played by Jennifer Garner) who plan to adopt the unborn child. Soon enough though, Mark begins developing a deeper connection with Juno, putting his marriage at risk. The film is heaps of fun to watch, and it sounds like Elliot had a great time making the film - particularly when it came to working with co-star Olivia Thirlby.

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Page has recently released his memoir, titled Pageboy. In the book, the actor details his relationship with Thirlby who portrayed Juno’s friend Leah in the film. The duo reportedly had sex ‘all the time’ on set. Thirby later came out as bisexual in 2011. As reported by ComicBook, Page described their chemistry as “palpable”.

"I was taken aback the moment I saw Olivia Thirlby," Page wrote. "We stood in her hotel room. Billie Holliday played. She was about to start making lunch, when she looked directly at me and said point-blank, 'I'm really attracted to you.' 'Uh, I'm really attracted to you, too.' At that we started sucking face. It was on... we started having sex all the time: her hotel room, in our trailers at work, once in a tiny, private room in a restaurant. What were we thinking? We thought we were subtle. Being intimate with Olivia helped my shame dissipate. I didn't see a glint of it in her eyes and I wanted that - done feeling wretched about who I am."

"Ironically, playing a pregnant teenager was one of the first times I felt a modicum of autonomy on set. I was wearing a fake belly but not being hyperfeminised. For me, Juno was emblematic of what could be possible, a space beyond the binary." Pageboy is available now.

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