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The Elder Scrolls 6 fans concerned following next-gen Xbox release date leaks

The Elder Scrolls 6 fans concerned following next-gen Xbox release date leaks

Time for some speculation on the fate of Elder Scrolls 6

It’s time for some speculation and rumours pertaining to Elder Scrolls VI, so I hope you have a bag of salt to hand.

Over on Reddit, a user has been discussing the idea that Elder Scrolls VI will be pushed back in order to release on the next Xbox console as a launch title. This comes after a rumour puts the next Xbox launch window in 2026.

It's hard to imagine Bethesda besting Skyrim, but it's likely their goal with Elder Scrolls VI

Some think the two will align, making for a strong release title right out of the gate. However, fans are still worried about what Elder Scrolls VI will look like, given the turbulence at Microsoft and the poor reception to Starfield.

The top reply in the Reddit thread says, “Bethesda should take some more time because I don't like the atmosphere around TES VI right now. A lot of people are pressuring them to release ASAP, and that's not going to result in a finished product.”

Bethesda has become known as a studio to release games that feel almost finished; games that often have bugs and glitches. Rushing the creation of such an anticipated game could only make that situation worse.

Another Redditor puts things into perspective saying, “TES6 won't come out till 2028 imo. They just barely released Starfield and have basically spent the past year fixing bugs and working on a single DLC. TES6 entered "early production" in August 2023. So given that Starfield took 8 years to make, I don't see TES 6 taking less than 5 years”

Of course, this all depends on how far Bethesda are with the new engine they’ve been working on and whether it fits Elder Scrolls VI. And it must be mentioned that Skyrim, probably the best Bethesda game in the eyes of many, is a huge RPG and the developers will likely want to best that performance.

If the commenters on Reddit are speculating correctly, it could be many more years before we see the game finally released, and whether it’s a launch title for the next Xbox. On that latter point, it’s looking unlikely given the timings of the two.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Microsoft

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