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'Elden Ring' Player Translates The Bats' Song, And The Lyrics Are Super Disturbing

'Elden Ring' Player Translates The Bats' Song, And The Lyrics Are Super Disturbing

Quiet bat people

If you've spent enough time playing Elden Ring, you'll no doubt have come across the game's incredibly sinister bat-human hybrid enemies.

These twisted, winged humanoids can often be heard before they're seen. The first time I came across one was by the edge of a cliff to the South of Limgrave. I followed the sorrowful sound of their song to its source, foolishly assuming it to be an NPC in need of help. Imagine my surprise when the singer turned out to be a giant bat that sprung up from its nest and tore me apart.

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Because I'm an uncultured swine, I never suspected that the bats are actually singing in Latin. As such, I was as shocked as anyone to learn that the lyrics they chant in their attempts to lure unsuspecting travelers actually tell a story - and a really sad one, at that.

Twitter user Chinchillazilla (thanks, Screen Rant) wrote, "just learned that the singing bats in Elden Ring are singing in Latin and their song is a huge bummer".

The user then shared the lyrics for all to see. They read: "O that land, formerly blessed now withered. We had been destined for motherhood. But now have become disfigured. We wailed and wept, but no one comforts us. Golden one, at whom were you so angry?"

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that there's another several hours worth of lore waiting to be mined from these enemies and their song. This is a FromSoftware game, after all.

While there are much more in-depth analyses undoubtedly waiting to be made by the FromSoftware lore experts out there, I think it's pretty clear from the lyrics that these bat-women weren't always monsters. Thanks FromSoftware. You've once again succeeded in massively bumming me out.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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