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'Elden Ring' Player Finds Incredibly Simple Counter To Malenia's Most Deadly Attack

'Elden Ring' Player Finds Incredibly Simple Counter To Malenia's Most Deadly Attack

It's about time someone found a way to bring her back to earth.

Elden Ring has proven to be one tough cookie to crumble. It’s been over a month since its initial release, and players are still discovering and sharing their best strategies for taking down some of FromSoftware’s toughest bosses. 

Despite director Hidetaka Miyazaki making Elden Ring the most approachable of his Soulsborne games, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Many players are stuck trying to overcome the plethora of challenges that Elden Ring throws at you. FromSoftware is continuing to adjust the difficulty, nerfing weapons and buffing certain bosses, in many ways it is getting harder by the update. 

The Fire Giant is one of the toughest bosses in the whole of Elden Ring and if you want help knowing how to beat it then look no further than the video below.

In our list of the game’s most difficult bosses, Malenia, Blade Of Miquella, ranked right at the top. There is a strange rhythm to the boss battle mixed with unpredictable and deadly attacks. One of the most difficult maneuvers to overcome is her Waterfowl Dance which is devastating in its damage.

Fear not, as one player has come up with a devastating counter to this, Malenia’s most destructive attack. U/toxicbird7 posted their technique to the r/EldenRing subreddit. Working with her weaknesses - fire, freeze and bleed - they crafted a number of freezing pots to throw, breaking her poise and bringing her out of the attack.

Once crafted, you can throw one of these pots at her during her long wind up and she will fall back down to earth, cancelling the assault. Be careful though. The more you use freeze against her, the higher her resistance builds and her poise will no longer be broken by just one pot. The same would happen if you use other freeze-based attacks or weapons during the battle.

While not shown in the video, other commenters have mentioned that attacks which inflict blood-loss such as Swarm Of Flies will also do the trick. So go forth and beat her back down to earth.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

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