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'Elden Ring' Player Completes First Ever No-Damage Run

'Elden Ring' Player Completes First Ever No-Damage Run

That's a complete no hit run, by they way, including environmental damage.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has become the poster child of the ‘git gud’ crowd. Released in February, Elden Ring’s notoriously high difficulty level has proved that it isn’t for the faint of heart but it seems that isn’t quite torturous enough for some players. As reported by Kotaku, Twitch streamer Seki has just completed the first no-hit/damage run in just under three hours.

If you’re looking to follow in Seki’s footstops, clear your schedule because the impressive run took over 130 hours of unsuccessful practice attempts. Seki isn’t the first Twitch streamer to boast a credible Elden Ring achievement. Just last month, fellow streamer GinoMachino completed the first successful no-hit run. ‘What makes Seki’s achievement different?’ I hear you ask. His run also included fall and environmental damage alongside the usual Elden Ring fare. You know, getting devoured by a statue or impaled by a tentacle-covered giant.

If you're keen to go for a no damage run yourself, you could do worse than adopting this absolute unit of a build.

Elden Ring’s creatures are far from the only perils players will face with the environment proving to be just as dangerous. Try and convince me you’ve completed a game without falling at least once. That’s not to mention Elden Ring’s deathly poison swamps. It’s no surprise, though, that it was the game’s final boss, the Elden Beast, who proved to be the trickiest foe for Seki.

“The hardest part of the run by far is the final boss: Elden Beast,” Seki said. “It has a specific move that is infamously unfair: Elden Stars. One of the only ways to possibly avoid it is by staggering him while he’s casting the spell. This took dozens of hours of precise practice and training to time it correctly.”

Seki has already planned his next venture - completing a combined all Remembrances and no-hit/damage run which is a feat of dedication - no question about that.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco / FromSoftware

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