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'Elden Ring' Icon Let Me Solo Her Celebrates 1000th Malenia Victory

'Elden Ring' Icon Let Me Solo Her Celebrates 1000th Malenia Victory

The legendary player is celebrating a massive milestone, but they aren't planning on stopping their exploits there.

If you’ve had literally any interest in Elden Ring at all in the past month, chances are you’ve probably encountered some fan art of a naked guy with a pot on his head. This isn’t just any naked guy though, this is a legend

‘Let me solo her’ is, on paper, a regular Elden Ring player. However, they’re a player with immense skill, and a goal - to destroy Malenia at all costs. They cemented themselves in the internet hall of fame last month when others began encountering them in the game as a summon, and watched in awe as they lived up to their name and single-handedly eviscerated arguably the hardest boss in the game with ease, saving people hours upon hours of pain.

Soloing Malenia is undeniably impressive, but beating the game using a dance mat is on another level - check it out below.

The icon (who outside of the game, goes by Klein Tsuboi) revealed themselves on Reddit, and has been continuing their quest to help others beat Malenia ever since. Now, they’re coming up to a huge milestone - they’ve demolished the boss almost 1000 times. In celebration, they’re going to be streaming the achievement. 

“Hello guys, I am reaching almost 1000 Malenia kills and plan to stream this feat live on my YouTube channel,” they wrote. “I hope to meet some of you guys there!” 

Hitting the milestone won’t mean the end of their exploits, though. As PC Gamer writes, they recently said that they’re not planning on stopping at the moment, but they are hoping that the DLC might bring a new boss for them to set their sights on. 

“I sure hope a DLC will come through, and see what Mr. Miyazaki brings up this time,” they wrote. “Back in Dark Souls 3 I was captivated by a summon who solo'd Darkeater Midir for me and wanted to be like him one day, and here we are. I hope I love the DLC boss enough to learn their moveset the same as Malenia.”

If you want to check out the stream, it’s happening at 11PM (UK time) today - don’t miss out

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco, Klein Tsuboi via YouTube

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