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'Elden Ring' Fans Find NSFW-Looking Enemy, Make It Mascot Of The Game

'Elden Ring' Fans Find NSFW-Looking Enemy, Make It Mascot Of The Game

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Elden Ring releases in five weeks time and fans are frothing with excitement for this dark and dreadful game. While they twiddle their thumbs, they've been maintaining the subreddit with all varieties of discussions, memes and appreciation for the upcoming fantasy outing. Their latest fascination? This enemy which is raising eyebrows for its odd design that is reminding fans of... something else.

Ewan absolutely adored his time in Elden Ring even though he died a lot. "Elden Ring makes a number of changes big and small to the established formula that slowly revealed themselves to me over the course of my time with the game and left me with a wonderful feeling: that I’ve only just scratched the surface of something truly remarkable," explained Ewan when he got to preview the game late last year.

You're not a real Souls player til you hook up a bag of corn syrup that sprays you with fake blood whenever you're hit in the game. Or something. Check out this engineer's invention here - would you take up the gauntlet?

One of the things that has captured fans' fancy is the variety of characters that the player will encounter in their expeditions. I'm sure you'll recall the sentient pots scurrying hither and thither, or the hulking dragon Agheel, or the imposing Golems boasting gorgeous and complex etchings across their bodies. Some rascals who have access to the game's closed network test are sharing what they've seen and one of the enemies roaming the Lands Between looks... out of place. Using a clip from YouTube channel Gamers Cathedral, Reddit user gixttt informed fellow fans of their astute observation:

One player piped up and said they're like the Pokeys from Super Mario. Others said that they're reminded of Onix from Pokemon. The main takeaway, though, is that they look completely ridiculous and fans simply cannot get enough of these creatures. They even boomerang themselves into the air to attack the player and move like slinkies from point to point. "This enemy feels like they were testing animations in alpha from enemy hit boxes and just said 'slap a texture on that baby and put it in the game'," replied HeroC14. Whatever possessed the FromSoftware team to create these enemies, we want more of it.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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