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'Elden Ring' Fan Figures Out Way To "Improve" The Game's Ending

'Elden Ring' Fan Figures Out Way To "Improve" The Game's Ending

One Elden Ring fan has suggested how FromSoftware could've improved the game's ending.

Elden Ring developers FromSoftware have hidden some cool details in the Lands Between. Recently, one player stumbled across an incredible secret summon whilst another found an important piece of lore hidden within the game’s map. More than five months after Elden Ring was released, new discoveries are still being made but there’s one area of the game that fans feel lacks a bit of finesse: The ending.

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If you did in fact make it to the end of Elden Ring, a hearty well done to you but one fan has come up with an incredible idea about how FromSoftware could have improved the ending to make it “more universally enjoyable.”

Reddit user nicklovin508 took to the site to share their idea. If you’ve completed the game, you’ll know that the Tarnished chooses to mend the Elden Ring and begins a new age as Elden Lord. Nicklovin508 wrote, “For the love of Godrick, let us present the weapon we use to kill the Elden Beast to Hewg! Let there be a small scene of us presenting the weapon to Hewg, then him shaking as he holds the weapon [...] and finally he uses the weapon to break his chains! How freaking satisfying would that be? Add in a little cheer from Roderika too for extra credit points. It’s all I want. PLUS imagine how funny this scene could be if you used like a Broken Straight Sword or the Elden Finger.”

Some fans found the idea a little idealistic. After all, this is a FromSoftware game. AggravatingReview223 wrote, “A happy and enjoyable ending in a FromSoftware game? First time?” but others were all for it. SpiderKnife said, “Elden Ring isn’t Dark Souls. They could have had a few less downers.” It’s true but I guess Hewg’s happily ever after was not meant to be.

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