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Elden Ring update makes game easier for those of you struggling

Elden Ring update makes game easier for those of you struggling

Hopefully, the n00bs feel better

Elden Ring is known for its difficulty, and yet many players have expressed that the new DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, is significantly more difficult than the base game.

This has prompted countless discussions online about how to better achieve success, by using new items, and yet players have begged for the difficulty to be eased.

Elden Ring's one and only DLC is out now for all players

This has resulted in a new update from Fromsoft that improves the already useful Scadutree Blessings. These are blessings found only in the Land of Shadow and were designed to buff the character.

Apparently, this wasn’t as useful as some thought it should be and Fromsoft has changed the way they now work.

After the update, “The attack and damage negation has been increased for the first half of the maximum amount of Blessing enhancements, and the second half will now be more gradual.”

This should mean that Elden Ring players who use the blessings will notice a dramatic change in the damage their character deals, but that’s not all.

The update also notes that “The attack and damage negation granted by the final level of Blessing enhancements has been slightly increased.” This means your character will take a little less damage from enemies, too.

Hopefully, this will help for all those players who have forked out for the DLC only to feel that the new enemies were a little overpowered.

Of course, many have already finished the DLC without this change and they deserve all the accolades, perhaps even a medal, as they finished the expansion as Miyazaki and Fromsoft intended.

Not me though, I’ll take all the help I can get, thank you very much. Perhaps, when I finally get to the Land of Shadow, I’ll bump into ‘Let Me Solo Her’ and they can take out the bosses for me.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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