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This Earth-sized open-world Superman game looks incredible

This Earth-sized open-world Superman game looks incredible

Content creator TeaserPlay has made an incredible concept video for the open-world Superman game of our dreams.

Picture this: a huge open-world Superman game which lets you fly around the world, with the freedom to fly up to space and look down at the Earth below. Sounds good, right?

Well, you need imagine no longer. Content creator and Unreal Engine genius TeaserPlay has once again decided to bless our eyes with a fantastic video game concept video. This time, it’s the Superman game of our dreams, which admittedly feels a bit bittersweet to see on the back of the recent Henry Cavill news.

The most recent official DC game was Gotham Knights - check out our thoughts in our review below.

Crafted using Unreal Engine 5, as well as utilising ray tracing, Lumen and Nanite, TeaserPlay’s concept is a thing of beauty. Superman is seen taking off from a city skyline into space, where he eventually lands on the moon and gazes at the Earth. After re-entering the atmosphere, he touches down in what appears to be a jungle. Take a look below.

“A game in which you can leave the planet at any moment and move quickly through it,” TeaserPlay wrote in the video description. “It may be unlikely that this game will happen, but it is possible to imagine it.”

Fans in the YouTube comments have been sharing their love for the project: “This looks awesome[,] I hope [you] could explore other galaxies in this game and fight other aliens or the like,” one wrote. “This would be awesome to play if it actually comes out,” another added.

Superman fans have been having a pretty rough time lately - it was recently confirmed that Henry Cavill won’t be playing the character in the “initial stages” of the new DCU. However, it’s now been revealed that the guy is working on a “Warhammer Cinematic Universe” with Amazon, which is almost too perfect for him - I for one am very excited to see what comes of it.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, TeaserPlay via YouTube

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