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EA Sports FC: 'hilariously terrible' first look at EA's new FIFA is being roasted

EA Sports FC: 'hilariously terrible' first look at EA's new FIFA is being roasted

EA Sports FC has been called 'hilariously terrible' by fans, following EA's split from FIFA.

Uh oh. The first trailer for EA Sports FC has finally arrived and let’s just say, it has not gone down well at all. It was always going to be a tall order, following up the immensely successful FIFA series.

As I’m sure you’re probably now aware, FIFA and EA officially parted ways, ending a major era in gaming. It was then announced that the series would be rebooted as EA Sports FC. Earlier this year, we got our first glimpse at the franchise’s new branding which was pleasant enough. Now though, we’ve seen a whole lot more. Yesterday, EA dropped the first trailer for EA Sports FC alongside the game’s various cover art options, and fans are less than impressed with some of the questionably sim-like character models.

Take a look at the brand new trailer for EA Sports FC below.

Traditionally, FIFA games did not use in-game character models in the cover art. Instead, opting for real life images. I can’t say the same for EA Sports FC though and it’s something that’s generated plenty of discussion over on Reddit. Rumbleinthejungle8 wrote, “Some of those faces are hilariously terrible,” while another user added, “My poor boy Saka, what have they done?” Outsider1624 said, “Ridiculous I tell you. We have finally consoles that are powerful enough and we still get this. You could mistake this for The Sims 4 Soccer DLC.”

The slander doesn’t stop there. May1stBurst wrote, “Wow, that looks horrible,” plus DZLars commented, “Pirlo has seen some things.” Yikes. I do wonder if EA will revise the artwork based on the reaction.

Sadly, the trailer didn’t fare much better. “EA never disappoints when it comes to disappointing us,” said one viewer. I’ll end on a positive note though. Someone commented, “This is seriously going to be the one which will either end a legacy or create a new one.” That puts a ton of pressure on EA but it’s nice to see that there’s hope out there amongst FIFA fans, even if it is faint hope.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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