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EA Sports FC bug has completely broken the game

EA Sports FC bug has completely broken the game

Bug hunting time for EA

It's hard to decide if this new bug in EA Sports FC 24 is hilarious or tragic. Usually, games have the odd bug pop up and they're inconsequential, but this new bug in EA's latest football game is game-breaking.

Essentially, this bug ensures that players are guaranteed a goal. If the player performs a skill move that ball becomes attached to their leg, allowing them to simply run into the opponent's goal to score. Apparently, there is nothing the opposing player can do to prevent this, and it's wreaking havoc in competitive matches.

FC 24 has been having a bit of a bumpy ride since release.

Social media is ablaze with people on the receiving end of this glitch and it's so prevalent that it's impacting the professional scene. Of course, EA will now be bug hunting to try and figure out how this has happened, plus stamp it down.

The exploit takes advantage of players with a 'trickster+' play style. When players perform the 'catch and spin' trickster+ move, then perform a fake shot, the ball can become stuck to the player's foot and will not be dislodged. There's a small window in order to perform the glitch correctly, but as the bug can be replicated by seemingly any trickster+ player, it means that multiplayer games are completely broken, for now.

It's likely the exploit will be patched out within the next few days but in the meantime, it means players cannot fully enjoy the game. This comes hot on the heels of tepid reviews of FC 24, a slump in sales when compared to the last FIFA game, and a recent backlash against lootboxes.

Still, the game is currently servicing over 11 million players worldwide, which is a lot of angry fans if they happen to see this bug in their games and lose important matches.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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