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GameStop Short Squeeze Movie Casts Pete Davidson, Seth Rogen

GameStop Short Squeeze Movie Casts Pete Davidson, Seth Rogen

Dumb Money, the upcoming movie based on the GameStop stock saga of January 2021, starts filming next month with a star-studded cast.

Remember the whole GameStop stock saga? In January last year, many Reddit users woke up and chose chaos, by taking it upon themselves to buy as much GameStop stock as possible, in an attempt to foil the plans of hedge funds by shorting their stocks. The whole thing lost hedge funds millions, and quickly became a meme. There’s probably a much more technical way to explain that, but that’s all you really need to know.

Or, if you do want to know all the technicalities of the situation, there’s a documentary for that. Check out the trailer below.

Anyway, in case you were unaware, there’s also a movie being produced based on the events (or more specifically, The Antisocial Network, Ben Mezrich’s book about it). It’s called Dumb Money, and as reported by Deadline, Craig Gillespie (Cruella) will be directing. What’s more, the cast reportedly includes Sebastian Stan (AKA Bucky Barnes from the MCU), Paul Dano (The Batman), Seth Rogen (also the voice of Donkey Kong in the upcoming untitled Mario movie) and Pete Davidson (The Suicide Squad). 

Apparently, the project was recently moved over to Black Bear Pictures, with Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum adapting the book, and Gillespie, Teddy Schwarzman and Aaron Ryder are producing.

“Black Bear has diamond hands for Dumb Money,” Schwarzman said (via Deadline). “Lauren [Schuker Blum] and Rebecca [Angelo] have masterfully adapted Ben Mezrich’s exceptional book detailing one of the greatest underdog stories of our time. Craig Gillespie is a tremendous leader with exceptional vision and has assembled a tremendous ensemble. We’re [honoured] to partner with him, Aaron Ryder, and this terrific team in front and behind the camera to bring Dumb Money to audiences everywhere.”

Author Mezrich has confirmed that filming starts next month, so hopefully there won't be too long until we hear more.

Featured Image Credit: Hellman's/YouTube, Know Your Meme

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