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Drake's Shiny New $8,000 Gaming PC Has Divided The Internet

Drake's Shiny New $8,000 Gaming PC Has Divided The Internet

Twitch streamer Xposed gifted Drake an $8,000 gaming PC, and it didn't go down well with the internet.

Gaming is not a cheap hobby. A recent study revealed that gamers in the US spend around $58,000 (£48,950) dollars on gaming during their lifetime. Yikes. The upcoming release of God Of War Ragnar​​ök proves that it’s only set to get more expensive as Sony abolishes free upgrade paths. Elsewhere, some Call of Duty fans will be forced to pay 540% over market value for Modern Warfare II.

You get the point. Money makes the world go round, and all that. Well, one Twitch streamer has recently decided to splash the cash on an $8,000 gaming PC for Drake. Yes, the millionaire musician Drake, and it’s divided the internet.

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According to gaming insider Jake Lucky, Twitch streamer Xposed spent $8,000 (£6,750) on the Paradox Customs PC. I will admit, I’m not a hardware expert but aesthetically, it’s a nice looking bit of kit. For some reason, it looks like the interior of a Star Wars ship to me, and I’m here for it.

Well, Paradox have spoken out on the gift and it turns out, it may have been slightly cheaper than first anticipated. The cost was reportedly closer to $6,500 (£5,500) which is still a hefty price tag. Paradox broke down the exact costs but this doesn’t include the Canadian taxes Xposed had to pay. Taxes and shipping increased the price closer to $7,500 (£6,300) so Jake Lucky wasn’t far off.

I can almost hear you screaming the question at me: Why did Xposed buy Drake a PC? Xposed explained, “It isn’t about the money or Drake already having money, see a lot of hate. I was in the market for a PC so I decided to get Drake a custom PC too with it because when I got asked to set up his stream the first time I got him a prebuilt from Best Buy because It was short notice.”

That “hate” Xposed was referring to was abundant on Twitter. Twitter user Nick Vernor wrote, “This homie doesn’t even know that heat rises,” whilst _nanoslol said, “I don’t get why they slammed an AIO in it instead of making a custom loop. Lazy work.” Others criticised the act of gifting an item like this to a millionaire. Castrocasam wrote, “Why not one of his community that can’t afford 8K every day?” and kyshafps added, “I’ll never understand gifting s**t to millionaires.” They’ve got a point.

Featured Image Credit: Cash Money Records, Paradox Customs

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