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'Doge' meme Shiba Inu seriously ill with cancer, owner says

'Doge' meme Shiba Inu seriously ill with cancer, owner says

We wish him well

Kabosu the Shiba Inu is arguably one of the most famous canines in the world.

The adorable mutt is in fact the dog behind the iconic Doge meme that dominated the internet back in 2013, but Kabosu is unfortunately now seriously ill.

The Doge meme is based on a photograph of Kabosu which was taken way back in 2010. As I'm sure you know, the gorgeous fella looks particularly goofy in the picture - although it wasn't until a few years later that the internet really took the image and ran with it, turning Kabosu into an internet icon.

Doge's popularity was such that the good boi went on to become Know Your Meme's 'top meme' of 2013. Somewhat less impressively, doge's face went on to form a cryptocurrency, and an NFT of the original meme sold for $4 million. We can't blame Kabosu for that though.

Kabosu's owner, Japanese teacher Atsuko Sato, has provided an unhappy update on the pooch's ongoing healthy struggles. The dog is now 17 years old, and is currently suffering from lymphoma leukaemia and acute cholangiohepatitis, a form of liver disease.

Writing on Instagram, Sato explained that Kabosu had stopped eating and drinking on Christmas Eve. While his appetite has slightly returned, the situation remains serious.

In a series of posts Sato said that her dog is taking antibiotics, but said that he is 'in a very dangerous condition'.

The sad news has of course been met with thousands of responses from fellow animal/meme lovers who wish Kabosu a speedy recovery. Certainly, everyone here at GAMINGbible hopes that Kabosu pulls through and continues to enjoy a life of internet fame and belly rubs.

Featured Image Credit: @kabosumama/Instagram

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