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'Dead Space' Remake Release Date Confirmed In New Teaser

'Dead Space' Remake Release Date Confirmed In New Teaser

Less than a year after it was announced, we now have a release date for EA's upcoming Dead Space remake - and it's sooner than you think.

The Dead Space remake continues to send my expectations soaring. Ever since the project was officially announced by EA Motive back in July 2021, it’s been a flurry of good news.

The remake has brought Dead Space’s original developers onboard as consultants, so we should get a fairly faithful adaptation - and we know the remake won’t include Dead Space 3’s microtransactions thankfully. Similar to God of War, the remake is also set to use one continuous shot, adding to the immersiveness. Even better? We now know when Dead Space is set to be released.

Fresh from the latest Dead Space presentation, take a walk through the USG Ishimura's engine room and admire the remake's incredible new-gen graphics below.

During a new livestream presentation, EA announced that Dead Space would be released to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on 27 January 2023, so get that date in your diaries folks. A full reveal isn’t expected until October, which is when we’ll likely see a trailer, but the developers did talk through some of the visual and technical changes we should expect to see.

There was an emphasis on the fact that Dead Space is horror storytelling. The sci-fi aesthetic isn’t going anywhere, but the developers want you to be prepared to have a horrifying time which leads us on to the foes you’ll face. Hours of work have been put into making the Necromorphs as terrifying as possible. You’ve been warned.

Developers then dived into the environments, showing the technical advancements between the original and the remake. They note that careful consideration has been given to every single detail, so each environment tells a story.

EA Motive went on to say that the game was “progressing very well,” and they’ve already reached the alpha stage of development. No release date is ever truly set in stone but given that the developers are already completing full walkthroughs, I have a good feeling about the January release.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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